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Yeah, I Can Make That

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Moravian Star glass work in progress by Laura Koss
Copper Foiled Glass

I love custom orders!

I've received requests from giant fused glass and stained glass panels, to updating a family heirloom stained glass lampshade, to large quantities of swizzle sticks to match the wedding party, to a simple paw print when a best friend crossed the rainbow bridge, to fused glass earrings of just the right size, to 25 of those and 12 of these...

Yeah, I can make that. Just ask!

Here's one I'm working on now: This past Christmas, a client requested a few stained glass stars in a smaller size than I usually stock in my shop. We were both delighted with the finished pieces and now she'd like a few more.

A combination of iridescent, textured clear, and wispy white glass is hand cut for each 12-point star. The edges of each triangle are then ground smooth and wrapped in copper foil tape, soldered, scrubbed clean, coated with patina, waxed, and cleaned again to sparkly shine.

A few of the finished stars:

Have an idea for a custom order of your own?

Just send me a note! I'm an easy gal to work with. I'll work with you to craft your vision, whether it's a unique piece or simply a quantity or color to suit your needs.

Thanks for looking!

- Laura

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