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Meet GSG

Coloring the world with handcrafted glass.

Hi!  I'm Laura.  I opened my little glass shop in 2015.  


Every day there's a new project, a new idea, and something new to learn.  Take a look and enjoy my fused glass, stained glass, photography, and a few shameless posts of my bulldog!

Read on for the whole story.

The whole story

One Intro-to-Glass class in graduate school was all it took and I was HOOKED.  

For years after graduation, I continued to hone my craft in my teacher’s outdoor studio, always under his guidance and watchful eye. When I couldn't get to the studio often enough, I borrowed a small kiln to fuse glass at home. Little by little, one tool at a time, I’ve acquired the necessary tools and glass collection to craft pieces independently in my home. 

That was 16 years ago and I'm STILL HOOKED.  

I've outgrown three workspaces and two kilns since then and the official Garden State Glasswork workshop will be built and open for business in

Summer of 2023! Hooray!!

My style? From large panels, to sun catchers, to earrings, I constantly push the boundaries of color combinations. To maximize color, I often incorporate multicolored fused glass into stained glass pieces, giving it a truly unique 3-dimensional, sunlit, vibrant intensity.  

My teacher and I still get together to share a meal and a bottle of wine and inevitably, the conversation quickly turns to glass - pictures of works in progress, new ideas sketched on bar napkins, and ideas forgotten because we can’t talk or draw fast enough…  

I'm not all glass though!  I'm part of a lovely New Jersey beach community where I spend my time volunteering with a bulldog rescue, walking the boards with my best pal Rocco the bulldog, playing tennis with a local tennis league, gardening in my backyard, running and biking on the boardwalk, reading, and spending not nearly enough time with my incredibly supportive partner in Upstate New York. 

There is so much beauty in my life and I hope it shows in the pieces that I craft.  Follow me on Instagram @GardenStateGlasswork to see more photos and to read about the inspiration for new work. 

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To be continued...

Laura Koss is sitting at Wreck Pond in Spring Lake, New Jersey with her bullog Bruno
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