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The Lamp

This stained glass lamp came into my life a few months ago in desperate need of repair.  A family heirloom and a bit dated, a simple repair just won't do.  The client wants a little bit of jazz. 

I've stared at this lamp.  I've invited friends over to stare at this lamp.  My dog stares at this lamp.  Together, we could not figure out how to redesign the piece without creating an entirely new lamp. 

Then it came to me: The lamp has a personality and its personality should be respected and enhanced, rather than changed.   I think I've got it.

Stay tuned to see the complete renovation...

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1 Comment

David Leeder
David Leeder
Apr 03, 2022

Here in Australia, if u did a leadlight course your main project would be a lamp-I now hunt out these lamps as most are about 40 years old and I recycle the glass

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