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My Sister’s First Masterpiece

Updated: May 20, 2018

My big sister's first stained glass masterpiece

My big sister, Beth, loves glass as much as I do. Although instead of crafting it, she prefers to sit back and visually enjoy the colors, design, and flowing light. Each time she visits, Beth stuffs her suitcase with a few souvenirs from the shop to fill her Texas windows and reminisce about her trip. This year, she worked for her goodies. She received a stained glass crash course to create her own incredibly colorful masterpiece.

Stained glass lesson at Garden State Glasswork
Beth, hard at work!

Beth learned to cut, grind, and foil. She learned how quickly a mess happens, which band-aids are best, and that choosing the right colors can be a painstaking process. She learned that solder is a difficult skill and requires a lot of practice, but more importantly, she learned when to ask for help.

Not a bad cut and grind for a first timer!
Excellent cut and grind

I admit that I was a bit of a slave-driver. Ok, I was relentless. But if I wasn't it would take her until next year to settle on the right colors. At least until next year - maybe even the year after that. We don't have that kind of time on a five day vacation. And I did allow her to stop for a wine and macaron break once.

Finished piece at Newark Liberty International Airport.
Flying off into the sunset

I am incredibly grateful to be able to share my craft with my sister. Not just to share my technique and finished piece, but also to create new memories since we live so far apart. I hope that when sunlight flows through her piece and colors her rooms, she will think of me and that time she was back home walking the boardwalk, gorging on bagels and pizza, planting a maple tree with our brother, and just being back home with family.

Beth, Mike, and Laura Koss
Two sisters and a brother

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