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Rain Glass

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

The fourth in a series of dripping glass is nearly finished. A few touch ups, a little cleaning, and a little of this and that and this panel will be ready for action.

Like many of the panels I design, I try to give the feeling of movement and fluidity, as if just a portion or snapshot of an entire scene is captured within the confines of the frame. In this piece, I imagine winter melting and water dripping over still-frozen ice. I feel surrounded by an impending Spring thaw and the optimism of a colorful and lively season. As natural light moves across, the drips seem to move with it capturing illumination from every angle.

Enjoy a few photos from the making of the Rain Glass Panel and follow me on Instagram to see lots more behind the scenes!

Here's a link to the listing in the shop: Rain Glass Panel

Thanks for visiting!

-Laura Koss

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