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Perfect Circles

Take one look in my shop and you'll see that I have a thing for circles. Big circles and little circles, colorful and clear, singles and collections...

Fused glass in Asbury Park, by Laura Koss
Fused Glass with Soldered Edge, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Sometimes I keep it simple like this Caribbean blue and cobalt blue edged in black solder. Other times I go nuts, like this panel with every fused and flat glass color in my collection.

Fused glass and stained glass by Laura Koss
Fused Glass Circles in Stained Glass Panel

No matter what I make, I keep going back to circles. So, I decided not to fight it and jump head first into a collection of various sized window panels. Here are two to start.

Fused glass and stained glass panel by Laura Koss
Orange Fused Glass Circles on Blue Background

I love altering the texture and dimension of a piece by incorporating fused glass alongside flat glass. How a piece is fused determines its thickness, smoothness, and overall contour, all of which create a dazzling light show when the sun hits it just right.

Fused Glass and Stained Glass Panel by Laura Koss
Blue on Blue Fused Glass Circles

Stay tuned for more circles.

Lots more!

Thanks for looking - Laura Koss

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