New and Old Salvaged Window

My pal Rocco is snoozing behind the scenes while I work on this stained glass panel. A client asked me to recreate a piece she's been thinking about for a while. Here it is, nearly finished. A bit more work to install it into the frame securely and it will be ready for action, just like Rocco.

Rocco and me, working hard

Rocco's lending a hand while I sand and finish the old salvaged window sash I picked up at Salvage Angel by the Sea in Asbury Park. I couldn't have gotten luckier with this sash. It's in great shape and the paint chipped in all the right places.

This is a fun panel to work on, a bit different than my usual style and I think it's turning out lovely.

If you want to see more Rocco, check him out on Instagram right here: @meandmybruno

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