Black glass snowflakes are an unusual and beautiful way to decorate for Winter and Christmas! They make a great gift for someone with original taste.


Color: Black

Size: Approximately 3 inches (7.6 cm)

Hangs on transparent monofilament

I ship quickly. People love that about me!

*Please note that color may vary depending on monitor, device, or lighting.

Fused Glass Snowflake Ornament, Black

  • Care is simple.  The color of your glass will never fade and to keep it looking shiny and new, clean gently with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.  Earrings are secured with a strong two-part epoxy adhesive and to extend the life, it is best not to shower while wearing or to immerse in water. 


    Swizzle sticks should be hand-washed with a mild soap and water and used gently.  Swizzles are not recommended for use by children.


    Please always use care when handling glass around hard surfaces.